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ROTB Community Mock Draft, Pick 4: The Cleveland Browns Select...

This pick was made by Cardsdefense.

With the fourth pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select: Trent Richardson, RB Alabama.

Originally I was leaning towards the Browns taking Justin Blackmon here out of spite. The Rams need a #1 WR if they ever want Sam Bradford to progress to the next level. With the Rams choosing the Redskins over the Browns in the RGIII trade the bitterness may tempt them to select Blackmon so the Rams can't have him. On top of that Cleveland's wide outs aren't exactly All Pro's. However Blackmon is viewed by many to be inferior to the top two wide receivers from last years draft. While Richardson is viewed as the best Runningback prospect in years. Some even believe Richardson has a higher ceiling than Adrian Peterson due to his ability to contribute as a pass catcher. With the loss of Peyton Hillis the Browns have a major need at RB. Trent Richardson has the potential to be an elite everydown back in the nfl, and would take alot of pressure off of Colt McCoy. Plus there are alot of talented receivers in this years draft class. The Browns have another 1st round pick and an early pick in the 2nd so they have options. Cleveland believes Greg Little (2011 2nd round pick) will develop into a solid #1 wide receiver so Richardson is the pick.

Commentary after the jump...

As the Browns learned in 2010, when you have a great running game, you are in more ballgames, even when you don't have the best QB in the league. However, once Peyton Hillis turned into a drama queen, it became evident that the team needed another great back.

Trent Richardson is special. There are those that believe he will be the draft's best player. It just happens to be that running backs are being valued less and less overall.

I could not fault any team at all for drafting him. He could be that good. But Cleveland needs a back like that.

What are your thoughts? Would you go receiver instead or even another position?

Here is the rest of the schedule and the draft so far. Please sign up for another team.


1. Colts (psknapp), Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

2. Redskins (psknapp), Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

3. Vikings (blank_38), Matt Kalil, OT, USC

4. Browns (Cardsdefense), Trent Richardson, RB. Alabama

5. Bucs (pick due Thursday 10PM AZT) b0rd3rline

6. Rams (pick due Friday noon AZT)

7. Jags (due Friday 10PM AZT) J Steezy

8. Dolphins (due Saturday 10PM AZT) alaskancard

9. Panthers (due Sunday 10PM AZT) hevchv

10. Bills (due Monday, April 2 10PM AZT) ALL THE REST OF PICKS DUE BY 10 PM AZT skid83

11. Chiefs (Tues April 3) StuckinColorado

12. Seahawks (Wed April 4) LAcardsfan

13. Cardinals (Thurs April 5) GreaZzy

14. Cowboys (Friday April 6) KDean75

15. Eagles (Sat April 7) kj197728

16. Jets (Sun April 8) DrullinOverDaCards

17. Bengals (Mon April 9) CincyFan93

18. Chargers (Tues April 10)

19. Bears (Wed April 11) Kdean75

20. Titans (Thurs April 12)

21. Bengals (Fri April 13) CincyFan93

22. Browns (Sat April 14)

23. Lions (Sun April 15)

24. Steelers (Mon April 16) Steamin Beamin

25. Broncos (Tues April 17) lacardsfan

26. Texans (Wed April 18) b0rd3rline

27. Patriots (Thurs April 19) psknapp

28. Packers (Fri April 20) GreaZzy

29. Ravens (Sat April 21)

30. 49ers (Sun April 22)

31. Patriots (Mon April 23) psknapp

32. Giants (Tues April 24) skid83