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3-30-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - Levi's Contract

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  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
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Time for some links, and today we get a look at the money that Levi Brown is getting in his new deal.

Arizona Cardinals News: blogs - Kent Somers - Levi Brown contract details
Left tackle Levi Brown played the best football of his career over the latter half of the 2011 season. For that, he's been handsomely paid, according to contract details. At mid-season, the Cardinals were undecided about re-signing Brown. The fifth overall pick in 2007, he had not played up to expectations. But that changed in the second half of last season. Always a solid run blocker, Brown's pass protection improved. The Cardinals were faced with a shallow of pool of talent in free agency, and they decided it didn't make sense for them to let Brown go. Brown never wanted to leave, so the two sides came to agreement on a five-year deal.

What's right, and wrong, with Cardinals? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
We've managed to stir Arizona Cardinals fans with items suggesting Seattle might outrank Arizona in the NFC West. "All I have to say is, keep underestimating the Cardinals because, after all, that's when I believe they perform the best," Hashem from California wrote to the NFC West mailbag. Serena, also writing from California, thinks a healthy Ryan Williams will upgrade the running game. But she's also keeping an open mind and wants to know what Cardinals fans should be optimistic (or pessimistic) about.

Chat wrap: Which team's defense better? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A simmering debate over NFC West defenses led me to republish the season-ending chart explored in greater detail a couple months ago. The question is whether the Seattle Seahawks or Arizona Cardinals own the second-best defense in the division following the one in San Francisco. One Facebook friend, Shaun, put together a detailed chart comparing performance late last season. The subject came up again during the most recent NFC West chat.

Word From the Birds Blog | Bits and pieces on a slow day
Todd McShay’s newest mock draft (Insider needed) has the Cards taking — with Martin and DeCastro on the board still at No. 13 — pass-rusher Melvin Ingram of South Carolina.

Arizona Sports News:

Radim Vrbata's two goals in return lift Coyotes to a big victory over Sharks at home
Radim Vrbata scored two goals in his return to the ice as the Coyotes earned a much-needed 2-0 victory over the Sharks to leapfrog them in the West playoff race.

Steve Nash: I won't stay if Suns don't 'upgrade' roster
Suns guard Steve Nash showed his loyalty to his teammates, fans and the organization by not requesting a trade amid the losing this season. Now he wants to see a devotion to winning from the Suns or he won't be re-sign with Phoenix when he becomes a free agent this summer. Nash used the Suns off-day to do a media circuit for Dove Men Care and reiterated a theme that he did not want to "jump ship" while talking to ESPN2's "First Take" and radio shows for Dan Patrick and Jim Rome. To Patrick, Nash specified what he wants to see happen in Phoenix for him to consider staying.

NFL News:

What The Money's For: Concussions, Liability And The Negligent Present Of The NFL -
The future never makes sense until you're standing in the middle of it, something the NFL will understand soon enough.

NFL Rule Changes: What Passed, What Didn't And How It Affects The Game -
The NFL made another round of rule changes this week. How will the new rules impact the game and the fan experience?

Report: AEG’s stadium plan may be fizzling out | ProFootballTalk
It has long been believed that the NFL will return to Los Angeles only when two viable stadium projects emerge, which then can be squeezed against each other until the NFL emerges with the sweetest possible deal. The man in charge of one of the two current stadium projects apparently isn’t willing to be squeezed.

(Oh boy, a market that has already lost two teams might not get a stadium for a third team, I'm so sad...)

Oakland Raiders, New Orleans Saints Top List Of 'Violent' Teams - From Our Editors -
In the wake of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, the violent tendencies of NFL teams have been under the microscope. Players hurtling at each other at full speed for love of the game is fine, but when illicit money enters the mix, there's a problem. Of course, it's impossible to tell which players or teams have put some kind of bounty program in place -- the Saints got caught, but by no means were they the only team to ever try such a thing. So take this Reuters special report with a grain of salt.

VIDEO: DeMarcus Ware, Wes Welker, Clay Matthews Wear Depends - From Our Editors -
This will probably be the most disturbing thing you see today, but at least it's creative. In a new commercial for Depends -- you know, adult diapers -- Wes Welker, DeMarcus Ware and Clay Matthews are asked to slip on the new briefs and do some football things!

Herm Edwards: Saints are making a mockery of the Rooney Rule | ProFootballTalk
The New Orleans Saints are in talks with Bill Parcells about becoming their interim head coach during Sean Payton’s season-long suspension. But those talks can’t progress to a formal job offer until the Saints fulfill the requirements of the Rooney Rule by interviewing a minority candidate. Which raises the question: What are the Saints going to do if they decide Parcells is the guy they want, and Parcells decides he wants the job?

Urban Meyer urges the Jets to let Tim Tebow play | ProFootballTalk
Urban Meyer, who coached Tim Tebow at Florida, has always insisted that Tebow can be an NFL star. He just wants to see an NFL team let Tebow run his offense, his way.

Tannehill shines at Pro Day, sends the Top 10 into a tizzy | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have already enjoyed excellent Pro Days, but there was enough great game tape of both quarterbacks for their private workouts to merely confirm what everybody already knew -- the Stanford and Baylor quarterbacks were going 1-2 in the 2012 NFL Draft. On Thursday, Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M -- now the consensus third-best quarterback prospect in this year's draft class -- had what will be the most important Pro Day of the year.