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3-4-12 Around The NFC West: Marshawn Lynch Contract, Peyton Manning, Gregg Williams

It was announced on Sunday that running back Marshawn Lynch has a new contract with the Seahawks. The Rams are in the thick of the whole bounty situation because they hired the coach that put up with it and encouraged it. There is also (naturally) stuff on the NFL Draft.

Read whatever you like. Lots of divisional news.

San Francisco 49ers:

49ers Mock Draft Database 2012: Enter Stephen Hill - Niners Nation
We take a look at our updated 49ers mock draft database.

2011 49ers Grades: Justin Smith - Niners Nation
We break down Justin Smith's 2011 season and what to look for in 2012.

Peyton Manning Throwing: Bring On The Zapruder Film - Niners Nation
We take a look at some video of Peyton Manning throwing a football at Duke University on March 2.

2011 49ers Grades: Reggie Smith - Niners Nation
We take a look at Reggie Smith's 2011 season and what the 49ers will consider for the safety position in 2012.

Seattle Seahawks:

2012 Armchair GM Championship (Description) - Field Gulls
Editor's Note: I threw this up on the front page because I like this idea a lot and it'll get more interaction, hopefully, this way. Howdy Twelves. Draft season is in full swing. All the hype. All...

NFL Draft 2012: Why The Combine And Pre-Draft Workouts Are Almost Meaningless - Field Gulls
Those of you who know me and know a bit about my player evaluation criteria probably know that I don't put a lot of stock in the combine or pro day workouts. Never have. My reasoning is simple...

Seahawks Have Signed Marshawn Lynch To A Multi-Year Deal - Field Gulls

St. Louis Rams:

Rams "Aren't Expected" to Franchise Brandon Lloyd - Turf Show Times
The Rams are not expected to use the franchise tag on Brandon Lloyd

2012 NFL Trade Rumors: Cleveland And Washington Holding Out On Price Of Rams' Pick - Turf Show Times
Teams are balking at the St. Louis Rams' asking price for the second overall pick. Will they change their mind once they realize their other options?

Should The St. Louis Rams Fire Gregg Williams? - Turf Show Times
As the Gregg Williams bounty program scandal grows, it could jeopardize St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and their plans to turn around the franchise. Will Fisher ask his old friend to fall on his sword?

Gregg Williams To Meet With NFL Security On Monday To Discuss Bounty Program - Turf Show Times

St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been summoned to NYC to meet with NFL Security about the bounty program he ran in New Orleans. What's next for Williams?

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