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Marshawn Lynch Signs New Contract With Seattle Seahawks, Skittles For Everyone

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Just a few days away from the beginning of the free agency period and start of the new league year, the Seattle Seahawks have signed running back Marshawn Lynch to a four-year deal worth reportedly around $31 million.

That adds up to a lot of Skittles he can buy.

Lynch had a great season and is arguably one of the top five backs in the league right now.

He ran for 1204 yards and 12 TDs on 4.2 YPC. He was also the only back in the league to rush for at least 100 yards against the San Francisco 49ers.

Against the Cardinals, he rushed for 159 yards in two games.

What does this mean for the Cardinals? Well, Lynch is a beast right now. He will be tough for the Cardinals when the two teams meet. But considering the division also has Steven Jackson and Frank Gore, dealing with a very good running back is nothing new, nor shall it be.

Good for the division? Absolutely. Good for the Cardinals? Honestly, you can't worry too much about the opposing running backs. You have to play who you play.

One thing is good, though. We get at least two weeks to crack Skittles jokes.

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