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ROTB Roundtable: Brock Osweiler, Free Agency, and Bountygate

Today is Wednesday, which means another ROTB Roundtable edition. With Manning Mania just getting started, the Cardinals have been all over the news. And with media attention, comes questions, and with questions, come answers from the Writing Staff.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) It has been mentioned a couple times that the Cardinals could be interested in QB Brock Osweiler, from ASU. Could you see any scenario where he comes back to Phoenix, and if so, what?

JoeCB1991: I think Osweiler could be a good Quarterback, but we already have enough of a crowd at that position right now so I don't see it. I've heard that the Seahawks could be interested in him too, and their blog has had some discussions about him.

Alex Mann: I can... But I don't think it will happen. You have 2 QB's who are set to battle for the starting role, why would you bring in a 3rd? Sure it's a possibility that Skelton beats out Kolb and he gets released, but I'd bring in someone with lesser talent that Osweiler, who is projected to start somewhere in the NFL.

Jesse Reynolds: Honestly I did not watch enough ASU football to make that call. I just see so many other needs than QB, if he didn't get drafted (from which I read is unlikely) than yeah we should make a stab at him.

Tyler Nickel: I have not seen any of these rumors, but even if they do exist, I wouldn't understand the Cards drafting him. They already have a big project QB in John Skelton. No thanks to Ozzy, too many other holes to fill.

Jess Root: The only scenario would have to be the combination of two things. One is that Brock falls to the late rounds (doubtful). The other is that Kevin Kolb has been released (only might happen if Peyton Manning is coming to town). Basically, it's not happening.

CardsFan08: I can't see it, not with the current stable of QBs, and with the Cardinals interest in one unmentioned former Colts QB.

2) Free Agency is set to begin next Tuesday. How active do you think the Cardinals are going to be, and what is one player/position you think they'll target especially?

JoeCB1991: I doubt that they will be as active as last year but some holes will be filled. Guessing Offensive Tackle will be a focus, Levi Brown could be gone.

Alex Mann: I see them being active, pursuing the lesser of the big names, but not last offseason active. This year they have no one to woo and keep, other than the bandwagon fans. A few guys I'm open to seeing in the Desert are Marshall, Marques Colston to name a few. I can see them pursuing some of the bigger names such as Mike Wallace, Reggie Wayne, and Peyton Manning, but at a lesser extent.

Jesse Reynolds: I think the Cardinals are going to do the same as last FA, they are going to hit the bargain bin. It appears from the outside looking in that while we will make a big move for a player (i.e. Kevin Kolb), we will not this off season. We will continue to target the Richard Marshall's and the Paris Lenon's of the NFL targeting value.

Tyler Nickel: I doubt the Cards are nearly as active this year, especially right away. The tackle position is one that sticks out and could use an upgrade.

Jess Root: The Cardinals, aside from maybe Peyton Manning, will not be nearly as active as a year ago. However, they will definitely address the offensive line and might take a look at a receiver or two.

CardsFan08: I can see them looking at Safety, O Line, and a WR. Other than that they'll address their needs through the draft. Except for pursuing Manning. (Please let this happen Oh Gods of Football!)

3) Bountygate is a scandal that has come up for the New Orleans Saints in the last few days. The Saints allegedly placed bounties on opposing players (Kurt Warner and Brett Favre to name a few). Many Cardinals fans still remember the Bobby McCray block on Warner in the 2009 Playoffs, so this hits especially close to home. What punishment do you think Commissioner Roger Goodel should place on the Saints?

JoeCB1991: Loss of draft picks, suspensions for all of the players, coaches, and front office people involved, and fines. Drop the hammer.

Alex Mann: Revoke the Franchise tag from Drew Brees. (; Just kidding. I'm going to expect a hefty fine of sorts, the loss of a few draft picks, Possibly a suspension for Gregg Williams too. I could also see the NFL possibly enacting a rule similar to the NCAA. The loss of a championship due to the team breaking rules or something of the sort.

Jesse Reynolds: When I coached HS football I always told my players I want them to go out there and hurt the other team. In my mind there is a difference in trying to hurt someone and trying to intentionally injury someone. Rewarding players for legal plays like big hits and even over physical blocks on opposing QB's doesn't bother me. However rewarding guys for injuring another player is pretty sick. If the NFL and Roger Goodel are season about "player safety" they will hit the Saints hard, if it is just rhetoric the punishment will probably be on par to "Spygate."

Tyler Nickel: It's time for Goodell to drop the hammer. Suspensions, fines, stripped draft picks, you name it. The fact that the coaches ran this whole scheme is sickening. Gregg Williams should never be allowed to work in the NFL again.

Jess Root: I see perhaps loss of picks, but definitely fines and suspensions for the team. Namely, Gregg Williams and Sean Payton will likely have to sit a few games out. If the report is true that Roger Goodell reacted as he did, this could be big.

CardsFan08: I think they should throw the book at them. Everyone that they have clear evidence of being involved showed be punished in some way, with he most penalty going to the senior leadership who knew about it and did nothing to stop it. Especially the new Rams DC, Gregg Williams.