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Did Cardinals President Michael Bidwill Go To South Florida?

With Peyton Manning now a free agent, the Arizona Cardinals are reportedly one of a dozen or so teams that have interest in the free agent quarterback. After the press conference in Indianapolis on Wednesday in which Manning andColts owner Jim Irsay addressed the press about Manning's release, he immediately flew back to South Florida where he has a home and has been working out with former teammate receiver Reggie Wayne.

Local reporter Jude LaCava reported Thursday evening that Arizona Cardinals president Michael Bidwill had taken his plane to South Florida. That would be to obviously meet with Manning.

There were conflicting reports, though. Darren Urban had heard nothing of the trip and Arizona Republic Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers tweeted that he had heard that Bidwill was in Tempe Thursday afternoon with a function to attend on Friday, so if he in fact did make the trip, it was a very, very short one.

What do you all think? How likely is it that this report from LaCava is true?