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NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay's Mock 3.0 Says Cardinals 'Reach' For OT

With the NFL Draft still a month away, the Arizona Cardinals are still making plans for who will be the their first selection at number 13 in the first round. ESPN draft expert Todd McShay thinks he knows who it will be. He released his latest mock draft projections (in an Insider only article) just the other day.

His projection for the Cardinals is no surprise, but his commentary is a little surprising.

He says that the Cards will take Stanford OT Jonathan Martin.

Another pick that seems like a reach, but offensive tackles always seem to go higher than expected because of positional value. I like Martin rather than Ohio State's Mike Adams at this point because of Martin's more consistent effort, and more than Georgia's Cordy Glenn because of Martin's potential to play left tackle. And that's exactly what the Cardinals need right now with contract extension talks with current LT Levi Brown falling apart.

It is interesting that he says that Martin is a reach. The past two time the Cardinals have "reached" for an offensive lineman, the results have been disappointing.

Do you think Martin is a reach at number 13?

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