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NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper's Mock 3.0 Has Cardinals Selecting Playmaker

The Arizona Cardinals have a few needs coming into the NFL Draft this April. Most believe that the team will target help on the offensive line. Others want the team to simply pick the best player available. ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper put out his mock draft 3.0, giving projections about the whole first round.

He does not have the Cards going with the offensive line.

Kiper projects that the Cards will select Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd.

Offensive line would be the more obvious pick here, but I want to see what the Cardinals do in free agency first. Floyd would be a great complement to Larry Fitzgerald in that offense, and give the Cardinals an enviable pair of guys that can work underneath, go deep and also post up smaller defensive backs in the red zone. Outside of the offensive line, Floyd is as much as you could do to help a quarterback.

Jonathan Martin and Mike Adams are both still available according to Kiper's predictions.

Floyd would not be a bad pick at all. But would one of the two OTs on the board be better?

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