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Arizona Birdgang Podcast: Preseason Games, New Uniforms Discussed On Latest Edition

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To appease your drive into work hunger, Joe and I were in the studios on Monday afternoon to record another episode of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. This time around, there was plenty of news to discuss and we even let you guys give your opinions on the show.

For a list of what we discussed and the links to the latest episode entitled 'Monday Sparring', hit the jump.

First, we decided to kick the show off with what was perhaps the biggest news this past week for Cardinals fans. The preseason schedule was announced, so not only do we tell you who the opponents are, but we also give our opinions on which game is the best and why.

After that, Joe and I dive into some of the Cardinals related player transactions that occurred this week. One longtime Cardinal was lost to a division rival while another player just became the newest member of the Birdgang crew. Find out all of the happenings and how each of these moves will impact the team.

The new Nike uniforms were released last Tuesday and although they did not feature tremendous changes, Joe and I discuss what some of the minor tweaks were and whether or not we like the more advanced look the league seems to be trending towards or if they should stay with the classical approach.

Then it's your guys' turn. I posted a link here on RotB last week urging you all to call in to our voicemail box and leave us a message including your opinion on what the Cardinals should do in this year's draft. A few of you mustered up the courage to call in, so we decide to play a couple and respond to your messages. Thanks to all that participated in that!

Lastly, we close out the show with some news on what Cardinals player I was able to meet and the circumstances under which I met him. If you want to know more, you'll have to listen to the show.

To listen in on the show, use the embedded player below or follow the direct link if you are using your mobile phone. Thanks for listening!

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