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ROTB Roundtable: Deuce Lutui, Greg Williams, and Ozzie Guillen

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Although it seems like the NFL has slowed to practically a stop, there is still little news out there. And with news, comes questions, and with questions, comes the ROTB Writing Staff.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) The Seahawks recently signed Deuce Lutui. Do you think it was the right decision by the Cardinals to let him go, and how will it effect the team?

Tyler Nickel: Yes. They just couldn't seem to motivate the young guy. I doubt this has much of an effect on the team other than loss of depth.

Alex Mann: Course it was. It was obvious that Deuce wanted out. Granted he would have preferred a contract similar to that of the Bengals offer but I think he's happy he's out of Arizona. I don't think it will make much of an impact on the team. We have Snyder to be our RG or RT, depending on if DeCastro is available at 13.

Jess Root: Since he didn't play, I don't think it will affect the team. After the whole thing from last year, as much as he loves it here in Arizona, he probably wanted out himself. I don't think it will affect the team either way. He is the player he is. He is decent, but will struggle with his weight.

JoeCB1991: If he was a starter last season it would bother me more, I would have liked to see him come back at least for depth though/ When he is able to manage his weight, Deuce was one of the better Linemen on the team.

CardsFan08: Deuce was good, with an emphasis on was. This may be the best for his career to reunite with Pete Carrol. Pete seems to have an interest in bringing back talent that he knows and polishing them back to being serviceable. Is it good for the Cards, not exactly, he was a decent backup. But the real winner here is Deuce.

Cdeveau: I really have no opinion. He could have been a solid contributor but liked food more than anything else. He didn't see much action for the Cards last year. His fault/coaching choice I'm not sure, but in the end it was a bad relationship. If he goes to Seattle, maintains his weight and contributes I will have an issue, and won;t know where to point the finger. If he goes up to Seattle and collects a paycheck, then it will be no different then him riding the pine here.

2) Hall of Fame quarterback Frank Tarkenton recently said Greg Williams should be jailed for his role in Bountygate. Do you agree, and if not, what punishment do you think he deserves?

Tyler Nicke: Jailed, no. Just ban him from the NFL to make an example out of him.

Alex Mann: I think his punishment now is enough. There's no reason to jail him. A lifetime ban from the NFL is enough.

Jess Root: Jailed? That's a bit far perhaps. I don't know if he should be allowed to coach again, but even that is perhaps too extreme. However, if he does coach again, it should come with a big red flag from the league to the team that employs him that he must be constantly monitored.

JoeCb1991: Don't know about jail, but a lifetime ban from the NFL and a ton of fines work for me.

CardsFan08: Jailed is too harsh. He was using a motivational tool that was illegal for the NFL rules, and his tactics were deplorable. He may face criminal charges if a player wants to sue due to his connection with an injury, but jail is overly harsh. His being banned and becoming a household name is enough of a punishment.

Cdeveau: No to jail. Perhaps just suit him up and play him across from players he "wanted to kill", "hit their head", "get their ACL" and let them be motivated to perform by his words. Harsh? Not in my book, talk the game, walk the game.

3) Not football related, but it's been a huge topic in the sports world. What are your thoughts on Ozzie Guillen's comments about Fidel Castro?

Tyler Nickel: That guy needs to learn how to be quiet and just manage a team. Take a page out of Gibby's book.

Alex Mann: (Dont hate me) I think his comments were fine. We live in a country where we're allowed to speak our minds. I don't like Castro but if Guillen admires the man, so be it. It's not my place to judge his opinions. Although where he made those comments wasn't the right place and time to make them...

Jess Root: I sent out a Twitter rant on the topic on Tuesday, but basically, Guillen is not the bad guy he is being made to be. What he said was extremely insensitive and stupid considering his team's fanbase. He was not trying to show support of Castro's politics or methods. He was admiring the trait that he has managed to stay on top despite everything. He never should have even brought up Castro. Miami is built upon Cubans who left the island because of Castro. He took their land, they hated his methods and politics. So while Guillen was trying to be Ozzie and outrageous. He just chose the wrong topic. It was stupid. I hope he doesn't lose his job over it. Baseball is better with Ozzie Guillen.

JoeCB1991: He always says stupid things. Just Ozzie being Ozzie.

CardsFan08: Ozzie should not have mentioned Castro due to his fan base. If he were a HC for any other team this would just be another blooper comment for Ozzie. Though I hope he is not fired for an insensitive comment that was foolish, but not meant to be offensive.

Cdeveau: To be honest, I've been travelling so much I don't even know what he said, although I've read he has apologized a few times. And that's where I'll leave it.