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NFL Draft 2012: Some Late Round Offensive Linemen Sleepers To Look Out For

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It seems that many of you enjoyed the Q&A session that I did with The Sports Headquarters' NFL Draft guru, Seth Cox. His answers were quite informative and I want to thank him again for lending his time and expertise towards a few very good posts.

Seth was even kind enough to send me some more late-round offensive line prospects that he said I could share. After the jump, I will give you a couple of the names he dropped and if you know anything about these players, feel free to agree or disagree.

The first athlete that Seth mentioned to me was Brandon Brooks, an interior lineman coming out of the University of Miami of Ohio. Here are some of the notes Seth had on Brooks:

  • Outstanding size throughout entire frame with a powerful base.
  • Great drive blocker who can manhandle and engulf defenders.
  • Smart, versatile lineman who looks to be able to swing from both guard spots and right tackle.
  • Average athleticism and lateral quickness
  • Brooks is a very intriguing prospect for the Cardinals. He has the power skills the Cardinals look for in a blocker and looks good in pass protection. He can get himself over-extended and needs to watch his weight, but he has the talent to be an NFL starter at 3 positions.

To me, Brooks almost sounds like he is in the Deuce Lutui mold. He is a talented pass protector and he has the ability to use his size to manhandle defenders in run blocking as well. However, he struggles with weight issues, which is something NFL teams try to avoid. According to, Brooks is 6'5" tall, but he weighs around 343 pounds. That is why Seth believes he will be drafted somewhere in the 3rd round.

Another 3rd round prospect mentioned to me was Mitchell Schwartz, a tackle coming out of California. Schwartz is a bit of a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Much like Adam Snyder, one of the newest Cardinals, he has the ability to play at guard or tackle, but struggles in pass protection. Here are some notes from Seth:

  • Great size and length for either side.
  • Phenomenal in the run game, understands angles and explodes into and rides out blocks, using his hips well to sink in and wall off defenders.
  • Average athleticism, raw in pass blocking still, needs to work on drop and technique.
  • Looks like a right tackle or guard and not a left tackle
  • Schwartz is a bit of a conundrum for Cardinals fans. Do we want another dominant run blocker who needs work and leaves something to be desired in pass blocking?

    He is teachable, but his footwork in the pass game is just... worrisome.

I would say worrisome is the perfect word. The Cardinals have always been able to find players that can run block at the tackle position (see: Brown, Levi), but they need a guy that can move his hips and keep Kevin Kolb or John Skelton upright.

What are your thoughts after reading these scouting reports? Do you think that the Cardinals should target either of these players in the draft this year?

Tell us what you think in the comments section. To check out more of Seth's draft expertise, check out his website, The Sports Headquarters. Tomorrow, I will have another post with some more of the players that Seth gave me some scouting reports on.

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