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NFL Draft And Your Calls The Main Topics Covered In The Arizona Birdgang Podcast

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Another Sunday, another episode of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. Yet again, Mario was unable to make it, so Joe and I picked up his slack and decided to record an edition without him. Unfortunately, not much in the way of news came out regarding the Cardinals this past week, so the show did have a bit of a different feel to it this time.

Instead of us purely blabbing on for 30+ minutes, we decided to let you guys do our job for us. We asked you to call in and leave your voicemails. After the jump, see what the question was that we asked of you and take a listen to the latest episode entitled: "Caution: Low Levels of Content".

We played four of your calls on the podcast this week, all of which contained some keen insight and well thought out opinions. The question that we asked you to answer was simply what you want to see the Cardinals do in the draft this year. It didn't matter if it was the first round or the seventh round, we just wanted to hear from you.

We received some calls regarding late-round prospects, but mainly what we heard is that you guys want some offensive line help. This is obviously a huge need (especially at tackle) that the Cards still need to address on draft day.

Other than you voicemails, we discussed Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt and how he ranks among the other NFL Coaches. Also, the Cards begin voluntary workouts today, so we discussed that along with who will (and who might want to) be there.

To listen in on the show, use the embedded player below or follow the direct link if you are using your mobile phone. Thanks for listening!

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