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2012 NFL Regular Season Schedule Set To Be Announced, What Will Arizona Cardinals Schedule Look Like?

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At 4PM Arizona time, the NFL is releasing its regular season schedule. Teams already know who their opponents will be, just not which week or at what time. For the Arizona Cardinals, they have a rough road schedule to look at. They play the AFC East and the NFC North, their six NFC West games and then a couple of other games.

We learned back in December after Week 17 whom the Cardinals would play. It took the last games of Week 17 to determine it.

Arizona's home are road opponents are:

Home games:

Road games:

Some time after that, I proposed what I thought would be the ideal schedule for the Cardinals, considering the elements and travelling.

This is what I came up with a while back as to what I hoped the schedule looked like:

  1. Rams
  2. At Packers
  3. At Seahawks
  4. Dolphins
  5. Bears
  6. At Patriots
  7. At 49ers
  8. Eagles
  9. At Jets
  10. At Vikings
  11. At Rams
  12. Bills
  13. Lions
  14. Seahawks
  15. At Falcons
  16. 49ers
  17. The schedule starts and ends at home, keeps cold weather teams before the winter and a potentially big game in the last week.

    Any predictions as to how the schedule looks? As for early starts, I predict five. As for the potential prime time game, I would imagine that a rematch of the Monday Night game against the Bears or just a simple division matchup with the 49ers.

Give it a shot yourself. See if you can't come up with the closest schedule to the real one as you can.

If you get the real one...I don't know. I guess we can come up with something.

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