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NFL Draft 2012: Fourth Round Offensive Line Prospects Part Three

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Today we will finish up the fourth round of our offensive line series by looking at another guard and a tackle. Many of you seemed impressed with Nate Potter, an offensive tackle coming out of Boise State. If the Cardinals can get him in a later round, he might be worth some consideration.

As for today's players, hit the jump for Seth Cox's notes and some other scouting reports on them.

First up is Senio Kelemete, a guard coming out of Washington. Seth has him as a fourth round prospect, while has him going in the fifth. He is a 6'4", 307 pound athlete that played tackle in college, but due to his 33 1/2" arms and raw ability, he is seen as more of a guard in the NFL. At the Combine, he ran a 5.47 second 40-yard dash, a 7.77 second 3 cone drill and he had 21 reps on the bench.

Here are Seth's notes on Kelemete:

Young in his development as an offensive lineman, but has all the attributes you want in a guard.

Great build, good strength in his lower half and does a great job getting to blocks in the running game.

Needs to clean up his footwork and make sure he gets a body on his man every time.

His strength and huge upside didn't move to the offensive line until 2009, which makes him an offensive line coaches dream. His movement in space and ability to get to the second level could really be a fit in the Redskins running game.

Can he play with the Cardinals? I am not sure a developmental guard prospect in the fourth round is something that the Cardinals can afford to draft at this time, but that doesn't mean down the line he couldn't be a good fit, I just don't see it happening.

At this point, Kelemete is a developmental player and I would have to agree with Seth's analysis. I don't think the Cardinals can afford to grab a guard that needs developing in the fourth round. He would perhaps be an option for a later round if he is still on the board.

The next player seems to be one of Seth's favorite prospects that we have gone over thus far. Matt McCants is an offensive tackle coming out of the University of Alabama Birmingham and according to Seth, he could compete for the starting right tackle job right away. He is a massive 6'6" player that weighs 308 pounds and has 35 3/8" arms.

At the Combine, McCants ran a 5.44 second 40-yard dash, but he did not participate in the 3 cone drill. As far as bench pressing goes, McCants did not impress with his mere 17 reps of 225 pounds.

Here are some notes from Seth on this interesting prospect:

Matt McCants, OT UAB

  • Prototypical left tackle size and frame with room to add weight.
  • Uses his frame to keep defenders at bay and push them past the QB.
  • Good, fluid movement out of his stance and quickness.
  • Exhibits good coil and snap in and out of his stance.
  • Needs to add weight and get stronger at the point of attack.
  • Played against lower level competition.

I am hopeful this is a player the Cardinals draft in the fourth round this year. He is a big bodied kid who needs a year or two to develop, but once there, could be an elite level left tackle. He has all the necessary tools, and has shown the desire to work hard and get better, the question is, and can he get strong enough to ever make it.

It will take him some time, but I think if the Cardinals add McCants we could see him competing for a starting spot this season at right tackle.

His lack of strength at this juncture is not something that concerns me, but because of it, I am not sure if he will be a starter so soon. The NFL is a much more demanding league than college football, so he will be going up against much stronger players. I don't want to see some of the bigger defensive ends simply bull rush him and get to the quarterback with ease.

What do you think of Senio Kelemete and Matt McCants? Are you as high on McCants as Seth seems to be?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. To check out more of Seth's draft expertise, check out his website, The Sports Headquarters.

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