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ROTB Roundtable: Schedules, Record Predictions, and FA Winner/Loser

As everyone in the football world starts to look ahead to the draft, and Free Agency is all but over, the ROTB Writing Staff answers three trending questions for this week's Roundtable edition.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) The NFL just released the schedules for the upcoming season. What are your initial thoughts about the Cardinals schedule?

Tyler Nickel: I put a post on this, but just a couple of thoughts... The Cards will need to come out strong from the beginning. The end of their season has a brutal stretch of games against playoff caliber teams, so they will need all the wins they can get going into the home stretch. Also, I think Arizona is extremely fortuitous in that they get to avoid the snow against the Patriots and most likely the Packers as well. This season truly has the potential to go either way: Glory or disaster.

Alex Mann: It's going to be rough. Especially that first half of the season. At the Patriots followed up by the Eagles. The Eagles game is winnable but after what may be a tough loss in Gillette Stadium we may be a little deflated.

Cdeveau: The Cardinals schedule at first glance makes me think the defense will be tested, OLB and DB will have to step up against the likes of Brady, Vick, Rodgers, Ryan @ Atlanta, and Stafford. Coupled with that, the Cardinals do quite a bit of East coast travelling, which in years prior has bit them in the behind. This will be a good time for them to show they've overcome that obstacle. And lastly, they have the Jets late in the season, so they may get their first look at Tebowmania up close and personal.

JoeCB1991: I like the schedule, and I am glad that some of the possible cold weather games were scheduled early so the Cards can avoid the snow. I like having plenty of home games early too, but the later part of the schedule will be tough.

Jess Root: The schedule is a schedule. They caught a break avoiding New England late in the season, but they have to play every team they do anyway. In the end it doesn't matter much where the teams fall on the schedule.

2) After a first glance at the schedule, what is your prediction for the Cardinals record?

Tyler Nickel: I hate giving a prediction for the Cardinals' record this early, especially pre-draft and pre-training camp. I think there are just too many things left unaccounted for to do that at this point. Sorry, I am no fun.

Alex Mann: 9-7 or 10-6. We went 9-7 with this (nearly) same schedule (granted it was Kurt Warner). The only two changes are Green Bay instead of the Giants, and Detroit instead of the Redskins. We lost both of those games in '08, but this time it appears we have a legit shot at winning one of those games.

Cdeveau: First glance...And don't shoot the messenger. 7 - 9 or 8 - 8. Solid teams on the schedule. A lot of travel. And splitting a game apiece with each of the division rivals.

JoeCB1991: Until I see how Kolb and Skelton do in the offseason work and the Preseason, I don't know. At least 9 wins are possible though.

Jess Root: At this point it is just a shot in the dark. 11-5 I say! It is only a guess right now.

3) In your opinion, who was the biggest winner and loser of Free Agency this year?

Tyler Nickel: I think that with the Bills snagging Mario Williams, they had a rather good free agency. With a couple more good drafts, they might just get a shot at the AFC East somewhere down the road. The losers were probably the Redskins (shocker there). They inked Pierre Garcon to a ridiculous contract and although they helped themselves, they still didn't fill some of their major needs.

Alex Mann: The Winner would be Denver. The acquisition of Manning and a few other players really bolstered a team that was going to do well even with Tim Tebow at the helm. The loser... sadly to say was us. We didn't have much money coming in, and we don't have much more money coming out. We were able to restructure a few deals giving us a little breathing room, and we were able to sign all of our RFA's back to deals. We signed a few players that could be contributors to this team (William Gay, Adam Snyder, and James Sanders). Other than that it was a quite offseason, one filled with us picking up people to upgrade or add depth to positions, and not finding a solid #2 WR, which I believe will be our 13th overall pick on the 26th of this month.

(Change of answer for the loser of Free Agency: Miami, due to losing their key players and losing out on the Manning and Flynn sweepstakes)

Cdeveau: Biggest winner. Peyton Manning. Hands down. Teams were after him like guys after the hottest girl in high school. Biggest loser, that's a tough one. A few teams lost key pieces. Raiders and Bengals come to mind. But the team that really stands out is Miami, who failed to acquire any QB they were pursuing this year, and look like a ship without a rudder.

JoeCB1991: Denver is the big winner, because of #18, and Miami is the big loser because nobody wants to go there, and they traded one of their best players on offense for nothing..

Jess Root: I agree with the rest. Landing Peyton Manning makes the Broncos the winner. The Dolphins are the lonely kid left when teams are uneven that doesn't get to play and smells funny. But they are fish...well sort of.