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NFL Draft 2012: Should The Cardinals Add Levy Adcock To Be Their New Right Tackle?

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The Sports Headquarters' Seth Cox has given us plenty of names to look out for when the Cardinals are on the clock not only on day one, but also on day three of the 2012 NFL Draft. When looking at these players, Seth evaluated not only whether or not they would be good players in the NFL, but if they would be good fits if the Cardinals were to select them.

His belief is that Andrew Datko and Matt Reynolds, both offensive tackles that may be drafted late, would be poor fits in the desert. We are coming to the end of his list now and he has one more player that, although he may be drafted late and be a good fit for someone, Seth does not believe the Cards should be the team that selects him.

After the jump, find out who that player is and decide whether or not if the Cardinals should consider selecting him.

Levy Adcock, a tackle coming out of Oklahoma State, could presumably come off the board anywhere from rounds 4-7. At 6'5" and 320 pounds, Adcock played right tackle at Oklahoma State and understands the position as well as anyone. Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles in his way that will prevent him from getting drafted high.

First of all, Adcock is coming off of a knee injury. Because of that, he did not participate in the Senior Bowl and he did nothing at the Combine, either. To see how he performed, we have to look towards his Pro Day results.

At the Oklahoma State Pro Day, Adcock ran a 5.21 40-yard dash, a 7.82 second 3 cone drill and he did 26 reps of 225 pounds on the bench.

The odd thing that I found while looking up some more information regarding Adcock are the conflicting scouting reports. According to Seth, Adcock is:

  • Stiff in his movement and doesn't look overly athletic.
  • Not able to shift and move directions.
  • Needs polish in pass protection.

But according to's Dan Kadar, Adcoack is actually a much better pass protector than run blocker, as he reportedly gave up no sacks in his final two seasons. Also, Kadar praises Adcock for his exceptional athletic ability at the tackle position.

So for Adcock, it really comes down to personal preference and whether or not he is fully recovered from his knee injury. If so, he could be a nice fixture at right tackle for the Cards to consider. He has experience at the position and if the stat regarding his pass protection and lack of sacks given up is true, he could be exactly the guy the Cardinals need.

What do you think? Should the Arizona Cardinals consider drafting Levy Adcock?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. To check out more of Seth's draft expertise, check out his website, The Sports Headquarters.

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