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NFL Draft 2012: Is Wide Receiver The Answer In Round One For The Arizona Cardinals?

Much debate has ensued regarding whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should consider taking a top tier wide receiver like Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd should one of them fall to the 13th pick. Luke Hughes-Bunger put up an excellent post earlier today asking whether or not their past mistakes should affect the Cardinals' consideration in each candidate.

But outside of their off the field issues, should the Cardinals even spend a high pick on either of these players? They do have many other holes to fill, including offensive tackle and possibly another pass rusher.

Darren Urban, the team's official writer, examined the possibility of the Cardinals venturing out and grabbing the perfect #2 compliment to Larry Fitzgerald in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

In his article, Urban cited that even though the guys at the top of the draft (Blackmon, Floyd, etc.) are the best in the class, that does not mean that a #2 cannot be found in the later rounds. Some of the best receivers in the NFL came from later rounds or were even undrafted altogether.

What is clear is that although the Cardinals say they are content with the receivers they already have on the roster, that does not seem to be the case. The club looked into numerous free agents during the last offseason, but did not find the guy they wanted for a decent price. So instead, they went with the tandem of Andre Roberts and Early Doucet to try and fill the gap.

Opposing defenses simply did not respect their presence on the field. Both Roberts and Doucet did have great years statistically, but they often failed in getting the opposing defenses to recognize their presence, allowing defensive coordinators to take Fitzgerald out of the game far too often.

So the thought is that if Floyd or Blackmon fall to the 13th overall pick, one of them would be able to take on the responsibility of relieving the pressure on Fitz. But then again, the Cardinals could find a guy in rounds 3-7 that may be able to do a similar job.

My thoughts are that the Cardinals should stick to their board and draft the best player available. If that just so happens to be Floyd at #13, then so be it. If they want to grab a lesser known player later in the draft that they believe could do the same thing, that would work too.

The only issue is that later round players are not nearly as sure of prospects as the guys at the top of the draft. What the Cardinals don't need is to continue filling the team with mediocre receivers. That will not help the current predicament they find themselves in.

As Charley Casserly said in Urban's piece, "it's crucial to have that second guy."

What do you think? Should the Cardinals look to the top of the draft to get their guy or wait until the lower rounds? Will you be disappointed to hear Floyd or Blackmon's name called when the Cards are on the clock?

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