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NFL Draft 2012: Some Late Round Receivers To Look Out For

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On Monday, I put up a post regarding the possibility of the Cardinals drafting a wide receiver in the first round and whether or not that would be a good idea. About 65% of you would like to see either a Michael Floyd or perhaps Justin Blackmon fall to the Cardinals. The other 35% would prefer to see the team look in the later rounds for talent.

Well, thanks to Seth Cox from the Sports Headquarters, I have gained a few names to run by you. Since we are getting near draft time, I will just give you a simple breakdown of each one to fit more into each post. When the Cardinals go on the clock on days two and day three, these are some of the wide receivers you should look out for...

Seth had quite a few interesting notes on this young player:

Marvin McNutt, Iowa

  • Big, tall, muscular frame with really good strength
  • Very good straight line speed
  • Good after the catch
  • Great body control along sidelines and over the middle
  • Lacks elite get off on line of scrimmage
  • Struggles to get separation despite good frame and speed

Seth notes that McNutt will need to develop, especially if he is going to take pressure off of Larry Fitzgerald. He needs to work on consistency the most, from catching easy balls to drawing multiple defenders. Seth even went as far as to compare McNutt to a, "very poor man's Anquan Boldin."

The next player that becomes an interesting name right off the bat is Juron Criner, a wide receiver from the hated Arizona Wildcats. Here are some of Seth's projections for him in the NFL:

Criner is a big possession type target, who uses fantastic body control and great timing ability in his jumps to make plays.

He catches the ball out in front of himself and uses his hands well, but most importantly he always puts himself in position to make a play.

While he lacks elite speed to make himself a true game changer, he should develop into a very consistent red zone target in the NFL.

Criner missed part of the season with an appendectomy, which hurt him statistically, and never played at the same high level as he did in 2010.

Although Criner is a big player that works well out of the slot, I would not look for him to be a target for the Cardinals. They need a playmaker that possesses game breaking speed, not another guy that can go over the middle.

Lastly, we will take a quick glance at A.J. Jenkins, a wide receiver out of Illinois that Seth appears to be pretty high on. Here is his take on him:

AJ Jenkins, WR Illinois

  • Versatile WR who can work outside or in the slot.
  • Good hands, uses them to catch the ball and not let the ball get into his body.
  • Excellent at creating separation off the line of scrimmage because of his great athleticism, quickness and moves off the line.
  • Has great body control
  • Needs to add muscle, has a very wiry frame, as he can get pushed around in press and man coverage.
  • History of nagging injuries that have cost him games each of the last three years.

Jenkins is as raw as a prospect there is in the draft, but he is a fairly safe pick in my estimation, unless you draft him in the third round.

The reason he is a safe pick is because of his speed and hands, if he gets strong enough to handle the press coverage he can be an excellent second receiver, low end number one on a lot of teams.

A safe pick with a high ceiling, good hands and excessive speed? Sounds like a good player to me.

What do you think of McNutt, Criner and Jenkins? Would you like to any of them in Cardinal Red next season?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. To check out more of Seth's draft expertise, check out his website, The Sports Headquarters.

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