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Arizona Birdgang Podcast: Schedule, NFL Draft The Main Topics Of Discussion On The Latest Episode

Finally, the band is back together. After an extended absence from Arizona Birdgang Podcast co-host, Mario Ortiz, we were finally able to pull everyone together for a little Monday afternoon recording session. With the schedule being released last week and the NFL Draft coming up, there was plenty to talk about on the show.

To see a breakdown of the topics and to listen to the episode entitled, "Birdgang's Mock Draft Spectacular," hit the jump.

First, Joe, Mario, myself and even McStats take a look at the schedule the Cardinals will be facing in the 2012 season and each of us give our predictions on how well they will do and why.

Next, we each decided before recording to put together a mini-mock draft, consisting of our top 13 picks and where we think the stars of this draft class will fall. Listen to our choices and then feel free to give us your mini-mock in the comments section.

To wrap it all up, we each give our choices on who our favorite sleepers of the draft are and why the Cardinals should consider drafting them. Who do you think will be the best late round selection from this draft class?

To listen in on the show, use the embedded player below or follow the direct link if you are using your mobile phone. Thanks for listening!

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