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NFL Draft 2012: More Late Round Receivers To Keep An Eye On Heading Into Draft Day

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'Tis the season, everyone. Draft day is upon us and we are all getting our pizza and beer orders filled for the first round of action tomorrow night. While many have speculated that you could very well see a receiver fall into the Cardinals' hands on Thursday (think Michael Floyd), there are so many possibilities at this point that it is impossible to know.

So if the Cardinals go another option, it becomes even more likely that they look for a receiver in the later rounds. After the jump, I will give you some more names to look out for building off of yesterday's post. Feel free to comment on each of the prospects yourself.

As usual, thanks to Seth Cox, the NFL Draft guru over at The Sports Headquarters. Since we only have time for a few more (he sent me a gigantic list) I will just put out three more names. If you are hungry for more information, make sure to visit Seth's website.

The first name I wanted to review was someone that many of you were clamoring for in the comments section of the article I published yesterday. Ryan Broyles may be coming off an ACL injury and he is a bit undersized, but that didn't stop many of you from stating your infatuation with him. Here is Seth's take on the young slot receiver:

Ryan Broyles, WR Oklahoma

  • Explosive player with the ball in his hands.
  • Fantastic route runner who gets in and out of breaks well.
  • Very good hands.
  • Coming off ACL injury and already a smallish WR who has trouble getting of the jam at the line.

Another favorite of mine, maybe I have a thing for undersized speedsters, but Broyles would be a great value pick again if he continues to fall to the fourth round of the draft.

He would be a nice compliment to Larry, but more importantly, he would provide the instant offense deep threat that the Cardinals need.

The next player he discussed was T.Y. Hilton, a wide receiver coming out of the lesser known Florida International University. If you listened to the Birdgang podcast, you may remember that Hilton was Mario's sleeper pick. Here is what Seth had to say about the young playmaker:

T.Y. Hilton, WR Florida International

  • Dynamic playmaker that can create separation at any level on the field and off the line of scrimmage.
  • Elite level stop and go, shifty and elusive with the ball in his hands.
  • Incredible in the return game.
  • Small frame, which may cause him to have trouble adjusting to getting off the line at the next level.
  • Needs work in route running and progressions in the route tree.

Hilton to me could become the next DeSean Jackson or the next Dante Hall. He is going to make it in the league, he is too good in the return game and as a slot option not to, but can he become a consistent deep threat and really stretch the defense throughout the game?

I am a Hilton fan and I have no shame in admitting that. I would love the Cardinals to take a shot on him in the fourth round, if he gets that far, as I think he can be a multipurpose weapon. But I just don't see him falling that far into the fourth round, where I think he could be a viable option.

Lastly, let's look at Tommy Streeter, a wide receiver out of Miami. Here are Seth's notes on him:

Tommy Streeter, WR Miami

  • Prototypical size/speed combo that has become a necessity at the NFL level.
  • Excellent deep threat
  • Very inexperienced player.
  • Needs work at all the details at the next level.

The definition of a developmental prospect is what Streeter is. He has game changing size and speed, but is only a vertical and red zone threat at this time, as he only has one year college experience on him.

Is a legit 4.4 player with the ability to go get the ball, but needs help running routes, and is inconsistent with his hands.

Will the Cardinals choose any of these three young talents this weekend? Would you be happy if they did?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. To check out more of Seth's draft expertise, check out his website, The Sports Headquarters. Have fun watching the NFL Draft this weekend! Go Cardinals!

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