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ROTB Roundtable: Draft thoughts, BPA vs. Position, and the Saints legal trouble

Tomorrow is an exciting day for football fans: The NFL Draft is finally here! With what has been weeks of little to no action in the NFL, this new wave of news is a welcome sight.

Hit the jump for the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to some trending questions, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) With the NFL Draft tomorrow, do you have any final thoughts on who you think the Cardinals should target, or what positions you want to see drafted?

Alex Mann: First round is simple, Floyd or DeCatro. In the Third Round I wouldn't mine seeing Juron Criner picked up if still on the board, and in the 4th or 5th Round, Sam Acho's brother, Emanuel Acho.

JoeCB1991: Let's just combine the first two questions here since my answer will be the same for both of them. Go with the best available player out of the O-line, OLB, or Receiver that is still left once the 13th pick comes up. don't get into a Cody Brown situation where you take a guy just because you have an eed at that position when there are better players left on the board.

(Note: That was his answer to #1 and #2)

Tyler Nickel: Honestly, I think the Cardinals end up with either Floyd or DeCastro coming out of the first round. My dark horse pick at this point is Luke Kuechly, who I would not mind seeing in Cardinal Red at all. The positions that should be drafted are of obvious importance: offensive tackle, outside linebacker, wide receiver, etc. They need to come out of this draft with at least one decent tackle that they can plug in.

Jesse Reynolds: I am a fan of BPA. I have made it know that I am not interested in a WR, however if a WR is BPA than that has to be the choice. Hopefully we can grab either DeCastro or Reiff (as an RT) to help solidfy our line as I think that they are better value than WR. I think this years WR's are overrated.

Jess Root: I think we all know that the team should go after offensive line talent, probably a receiver and probably a pass rusher. I think a safety would be a good idea as well.

2) Position drafting or BPA? Make your case.

Alex Mann: BPA. We saw how well that worked out for us last year with different players stepping up, and hopefully this year will be the same. There's plenty of Talent in this years draft, albeit less then previous drafts, but there are still plenty of gems in the later rounds to be found and picked up.

Tyler Nickel: BPA all the way. My case? Levi Brown.

Jesse Reynolds: BPA - Steelers and Packers do, so should we. Point in case, drafting Larry when you have Anquan. Drafting Peterson when we need a QB (thank goodness we didn't draft Gabbert). In the long run, I think BPA pans out as you do not reach or "fall in love" with a player.

Jess Root: It isn't as easy as one over the other. If there is a player that is clearly graded higher your board, then you go BPA. If you have a choice of similarly graded players, you go with one of them at the biggest need. That's why you do your prep work. You have to trust your grade. No sense in taking a cornerback that is graded more or less the same as an offensive lineman if you need an offensive lineman. That doesn't make sense.

3) The New Orleans Saints have been hit with yet another allegation: The state police are probing the Saints for alleged wiretapping. If the allegations are found true, the Saints would be in violation of a number of federal laws. If they are found guilty, what do you think should happen to them?

Alex Mann: Lose their draft picks either this year our next year. This allegation is worse than Spygate, and that resulted in a loss of a pick. There's a reason why Brees doesn't want to re-sign with New Orleans right now, those two are he doesn't want to be seen in a negative light by the NFL and it's fans, and he wants money, which if this allegation is true.... Won't be seeing a lot of cash.

JoeCB1991: Even more of what they are getting from the Bounty scandal would be fine with me. I would just fire everyone on that team and start fresh with a new staff at this point because of how corrupt they seem to be.

Tyler Nickel: Mickey Loomis should never be allowed anywhere near an NFL stadium again and because this is a federal violation, he may see some prison time. Tampering with the outcome of sports in an illegal way is a huge issue. It's difficult to punish others since it happened so long ago, but anyone involved should never be allowed to be involved wit the NFL from here on out.

Jesse Reynolds: I can't say. Is there any precedence on this? Are they made an example out of like the Patriots? If convicted this would be the worst scandal in football history and a blemish on a franchise that seemed so sterling after Katrina. I really hope these allegations are not true.

Jess Root: If they are found they broken federal laws, then let the federal courts worry about that.