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2012 NFL Draft Round 1: The NFC West Picks and Thoughts

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Day One of the 2012 NFL Draft is in the books and it was interesting to say the least. We saw plenty of trades but not to many players who were taken where they weren't projected to be with the exception of DeCastro and Reiff.

With the 13th Overall Pick, the Arizona Cardinals select... Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame: You can see our ROTB Reaction to the pick here.

With the 14th Overall Pick the St. Louis Rams Select Michael Brockers DT LSU: So Jeff Fishers first draft pick with the St. Louis Rams goes to the Defense. He adds a solid NT and one who can disrupt the run game of any team. I don't see him being able to do much of that early on, but after a season he'll be one of the better NT's in the league. So I don't see Beanie Wells rushing all over these guys for a Franchise Record again. (I'm joking)

With the 15th Overall Pick the Seattle Seahawks Select Bruce Irvin DE West Virginia: A head scratcher of sorts. I wasn't expecting them to nab Irvin but they do need a pass rusher. He can bring pressure from the outside for sure. How Levi Brown, or whoever our Tackles will be next season, will be interesting to see, and hopefully we won't see our Tackles being scorched by this guy.

With the 30th Overall Pick the San Francisco 49ers Select A.J. Jenkins WR Illinois: I love the speed. He's a scary prospect and can scorch any opposing Defense, no matter who is at CB. I'm not sold on his talent just yet but if left unchecked, he can destroy anyone. With the talent that the Niners have amassed at WR this offseason, it will be hard for teams to keep all of these guys in check. Our Defense will need to be on it's A-Game that day to keep the Niners from handing it to us again.

So what are your thoughts? How do you feel about the other NFC West teams selections? Do they match up to ours, are they better, or are they worse? Give us your reaction.