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2012 NFL Draft: What Should We Expect From The Arizona Cardinals In Rounds 4-7?

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The first two days were interesting for the Arizona Cardinals. While most thought that the team would take care of its offensive line, the team did not in its first two picks. Instead, they grabbed a receiver that could be a very, very good number two in Michel Floyd, and they got another cornerback.

Now that we are on Saturday and the Cards have five picks, we can now speculate and hope for certain positions to be filled or even players to be drafted.

For you, who are those players?

Obviously first and foremost the team has to draft a lineman or two. They simply don't have much in the way of young talent.

After that, it is more up in the air for me.

Being an ASU guy, I would have loved to have seen the Cardinals pick up CB Omar Bolden and/or receiver Gerell Robinson. Since both positions have been addressed, I don't see that happening.

Many readers have brought up Sam Acho's brother Emmanuel Acho. That would be cool.

As for positions, it would be wise to address the safety position if possible. A pass rusher would never be a bad idea.

Whom would you have the Cardinals target?

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