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NFL Draft 2012: Thoughts On The Selection Of Guard Senio Kelemete In The Fifth Round

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After taking Bobby Massie in the fourth round, the Arizona Cardinals continued to bolster their offensive line by selecting Senio Kelemete, a guard/tackle out of Washington with the 151st overall pick.

After the jump, read some reactions, scouting reports and get a few outlooks for how Kelemete will fit in with this Cardinals team.

If you have been keeping up with Revenge of the Birds pre-draft, then you know Kelemete was part of our late round offensive linemen series. When we discussed him, however, he was prognosticated to be a fourth round pick. Yet again, the Cardinals get great value by selecting him in the fifth round.

Here are some of the notes from Seth Cox on Kelemete:

Young in his development as an offensive lineman, but has all the attributes you want in a guard.

Great build, good strength in his lower half and does a great job getting to blocks in the running game.

Needs to clean up his footwork and make sure he gets a body on his man every time.

His strength and huge upside didn't move to the offensive line until 2009, which makes him an offensive line coaches dream. His movement in space and ability to get to the second level could really be a fit in the Redskins running game.

Can he play with the Cardinals? I am not sure a developmental guard prospect in the fourth round is something that the Cardinals can afford to draft at this time, but that doesn't mean down the line he couldn't be a good fit, I just don't see it happening.

He is a 6'4", 307 pound athlete that may need time to develop, but he could be a solid addition to this team down the road. With Rex Hadnot being released, Deuce Lutui moving on and the Cardinals lacking a sure starter at right guard, the choice of Kelemete makes a ton of sense.

I love this selection, as having talented offensive linemen is something that you can never have enough of. If Kelemete can develop his raw talent and athleticism into solid skill, he can become a figure on the offensive line for many years.

Here is a good draft profile video on Senio Kelemete from Pro Football Weekly:

What do you think of the selection of Kelemete? Do you see him as a good fit with the Cardinals? Tell us what you think and vote in the poll.

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