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NFL Draft Grades: Mel Kiper Gives Arizona Cardinals B-

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Now that the NFL Draft is complete, naturally people start grading the players that the teams picked. Even though we haven't seen them play a down, we want to rate and grade the overall draft that each team. While the Arizona Cardinals made some surprise selections, most of us have a pretty good feeling about the players that the Cards darfted.

Mel Kiper took a stab at grading how the Cards did in the draft (Insider access). He gave them overall a B-.

For addressing needs, he gave them a C+ and for value a B+.

This is what he wrote:

Having Michael Floyd in this lineup will help Larry Fitzgerald and Kevin Kolb. If they can find a way to pass block, Floyd's presence should tell the Cardinals if they have their QB of the future, or whether they need to go back to the drawing board. But I'm not sure they can protect. Bobby Massie is one of the better values of the draft at No. 112 overall, and could provide an upgrade. Justin Bethel is an interesting developmental pick out of tiny Presbyterian. He has elite speed. The Cardinals took three tackles, so it's clear they're hoping they strike gold once or twice. If they did, they got their top two needs. After that, it's just OK. No help in the pass rush, or at outside linebacker. I also thought they could use a safety. If Floyd plays the way he did in 2011, and keeps focused, he should be a pretty good one.

Kiper is incorrect about the safety. The team lists Bethel at safety. As for the pass rush and OLB, he has a point, but it looks like they are comfortable with who they have.

Do you agree with Kiper?

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