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Cardinals Offseason Grades And New NFL Rules Discussed In Latest Arizona Birdgang Podcast

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While Mario was busy watching the NCAA Championship game, Joe and I were hard at work in the studios preparing another offseason edition of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. This past week has been a bit slow in terms of Cardinals news, but we still managed to flap our gums long enough to put out a decent show for you to listen to while you are bored in your cubical.

For a list of the topics along with the links to the latest show entitled 'Rambling Through the Offseason', hit the jump.

First, Joe and I discussed the recent grading that ESPN did for every NFL team and their performance so far during the offseason. Unfortunately, the Arizona Cardinals were given a 'D', but Joe and I discuss why that truly isn't a fair grade and why it perhaps should have been higher.

Next, we shifted into the new NFL rules that were recently passed. The new laws pertaining to overtime rules and turnovers being reviewed will go into effect immediately. Also, two other rules have been tabled until the owners meet again in May. How will these rules not only affect the NFL, but more specifically, the Arizona Cardinals? Joe and I (and even McStats) give our takes.

Lastly, I decided to give my opinion on this year's offensive tackle draft class. After watching some film over the past couple of weeks and putting together some scouting reports, I am convinced that if the Cardinals take a tackle with the 13th overall selection, it will be a bit of a reach. What are your thoughts on that subject?

All of this and much more were discussed in this week's episode of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. To listen in on the show, use the embedded player below or follow the direct link if you are using your mobile phone. Thanks for listening!

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