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NFL Draft 2012: Should Cordy Glenn Be The Cardinals' Pick?

Yesterday, we looked at perhaps the most dynamic offensive lineman in the draft this year outside of Matt Kalil. David DeCastro will probably find a team within the top 15 picks of the draft, despite the fact that he plays as an interior lineman. He is a very special player and you, the voters, recognized that, as 90% of you would be in favor of the Cardinals taking him should he fall to the 13th selection.

Today, we will look at a player that is said to be able to play either tackle or guard in the NFL. However, if the Cardinals think he can be their guy, they could very likely trade down in the draft and still have him.

Former Georgia Bulldog, Cordy Glenn is set to enter the NFL Draft. Should the Cardinals consider selecting him? Let's look at some of the scouting reports and some tape after the jump.

As aforementioned, Glenn is thought of by many as a guard in the NFL, but he did play left tackle at Georgia during his 4 year stay. A hulking athlete, Glenn measures in at 6'5", 345 pounds with 35 3/4" arms. With that type of arm length, he does have the physical tools to play tackle at the next level.

However, some are fearful that he may be forced inside once he becomes a member of the NFL.'s Dan Kadar gives his take on some of Glenn's abilities:

Pass Blocking: Pass blocking is one of Cordy Glenn's biggest weaknesses, which makes him a better fit at guard in the NFL. He struggles to get off the ball quickly and doesn't have the awareness teams are looking for from a blindside protector. Once engaged in a block, Glenn has the strength and skills to keep the pocket clean, but as mentioned early, he struggles in space.

Run Blocking: As one might expect given his height, Glenn tends to get upright in his run blocking. However, he has a tremendous amount of strength in his lower body, which he relies on to drive defenders off the line of scrimmage. I would love to see him drive through his opponents and finish his blocks.

Kadar mentions that because of his strength, many consider him a first round prospect. However, he has many technical flaws in his game, which will need to be corrected at the next level.

Here is some tape from Glenn's 2011 season put together by TMBDraft:

So after hearing and reading all of this, what are your thoughts on Glenn? Obviously, he would be a tremendous reach with the 13th overall pick. But if the Cards can find a trade partner to move down to the latter end of the first round, all while gaining some additional draft picks, Glenn may be a solid choice.

Tell us what your thoughts are in the comments below and vote in the poll.

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