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Arizona Cardinals Bringing In Undrafted Free Agents

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As is what happens after the NFL Draft is complete, teams quickly try to snatch up the undrafted rookies and bring them into the fold. One reason is because they are so cheap. Another is to get more bodies in for camp. Another is to find talent that has not been noticed and develop them.

The Cardinals started working that part of the season preparation. Thus far, it has been confirmed that they have come to terms or have signed contracts with six undrafted rookies.

The players are:

In addition to these players, Miami quarterback Jacory Harris will be at the rookie minicamp, trying to secure a contract and an invite to training camp. The same thing applies to Arizona State safety Eddie Elder.

More will certainly be coming, but this is at least the start. And as we have learned, things can change right up until the players are signed. This is how we end up with a player with one team but ending up elsewhere.