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NFL Draft 2012: Is Michael Floyd The Receiving Threat That The Arizona Cardinals Need?

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Yesterday, we finished up looking at the top tier offensive line prospects in this year's draft by examining Cordy Glenn. According to the voters, 52% would be in favor of bringing Glenn to the desert if the Cardinals are able to trade back in the draft so as not to reach. Glenn could possibly play tackle in Arizona, but is seen as more of a guard type of player in the NFL.

Today, we begin the wide receiver section of our 2012 draft series. We will not bother looking at Justin Blackmon, as there really is no realistic chance that he falls to the 13th selection for the Cardinals.

So instead, we will look at a player that could be there, but may easily go higher due to the skills he possesses. Former Fighting Irish receiver Michael Floyd is ready to take his talents to the next level. Should he do so across from one of the best receivers in the game in Larry Fitzgerald?

Floyd is the prototypical big play receiver that can simply take over a game for your team. Although most teams would kill to have him as their #1 target, he could come to Arizona and become a more than capable #2 option across from Fitz. He has all the tools to make that happen.

At the NFL Combine, Floyd ran a 4.47 40-yard dash, he had a 36.5" vertical leap and his broad jump as 122.0". He also measured in at 6'3", weighing 220 pounds with 9 3/8" hands. With this type of physical ability and speed, he could be the perfect fit for the Cardinals.

Here are some scouting notes from's Dan Kadar on Floyd:

Speed: Plays faster than he's often given credit. On-field speed looked much-improved in 2011 after Floyd slimmed down. Playing heavier in 2010, Floyd looked sluggish at times. Long speed is only decent. Won't be a consistent deep vertical threat in the NFL and can be caught from behind.

Route running: Works the underneath routes really well. When he's in the short area, Floyd can rely on his foot quickness and size to pick apart defenses. Excels against zone. Used a lot in the slot as a senior.

Floyd can line up outside, but he was just as impressive in 2011 playing the slot. With his size, he's hard to jam at the line and he's difficult to take down after the catch.

Floyd's 40 time was fairly fast, but there are receivers in the draft that are much faster. He is described by as not having, "game-breaking speed as a deep threat". Still, this does not bother me, as Anquan Boldin never was the fastest player on the field either and he still helped form the best receiving duo in professional football.

A couple of things that will make the Cards a bit wary in drafting Floyd will be his off-field issues related to alcohol and his injury concerns. As Kadar points out, Floyd was arrested three times while attending Notre Dame, all on alcohol related charges. He also had a broken collarbone and a leg injury during the past 3 seasons.

Under Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona has always been the type of team to draft not just good players, but high character players as well. Whether or not Floyd has truly turned a new leaf is up for debate, but I am personally not overly concerned.

I leave you with this great highlight video of Floyd's playmaking abilities in 2011:

So what are your thoughts on Floyd? If he is still on the board when the Cards are on the clock, do they take him? Tell us what you think in the comments section and vote in the poll.

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