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Arizona Cardinals, Punter Dave Zastudil Agree On New Two-Year Deal

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On Wednesday, the Arizona Cardinals answered all questions of who would be their punter next season by re-signing the incumbent, Dave Zastudil to a new two-year contract.

Many (including myself) believed that the Cards may have been looking elsewhere to fill that gap, but it appears that they were satisfied with Zastudil's production last season.

Darren Urban first reported the news on Twitter:

Terms of the deal have not been released as of now, but numbers will surely leak sooner or later.

Last season, Zastudil punted the ball away 87 times for Arizona, but struggled flipping field position in the way the Cardinals would have liked. His target punting was not nearly as impressive as former punter Ben Graham's. Only 26 of his kicks resulted in the opponent starting within their own 20-yard line. His average punt went around 44.7 yards, according to Pro Football Focus.

Zastudil has also struggled with injuries in the past and missed one game last season with a hamstring injury.

I would have liked to see a new member join the special teams unit to become the punter, but I am not surprised Zastudil was re-signed at this stage in free agency. Hopefully the deal is very cap friendly for the Cardinals.

What are your thoughts on Zastudil being re-signed? Should the team have looked elsewhere? Tell us what you think and vote in the poll.

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