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NFL Draft 2012: Should The Arizona Cardinals Select Kendall Wright In The First Round?

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Yesterday's voting on whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should select Michael Floyd was very lopsided. Many of you don't even believe that he will fall to the 13th overall selection, but if he does, 74% of the voters would like to see him in Cardinal Red. His dynamic playmaking abilities coupled with his great size could make him a nice addition to the team.

However, some feel that the Cardinals need a more level-headed, speed receiver to place across from Larry Fitzgerald. So today, we will look at one of the fastest receivers in the entire draft. Kendall Wright was Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III's primary target at Baylor.

Should he be the Cardinals' pick? Let's look at some of the scouting details on him after the jump.

Wright is the type of player that almost every team would covet. He has a great work ethic, great hands as a receiver and he can run the fly route with the best of them. What is odd is that at the NFL Combine, Wright did not show us the dynamic speed that we saw while he was in Waco.

He ran a 4.61 40-yard dash, which was slower than the 6'3" Michael Floyd, who ran a 4.47. Still, it is somewhat difficult to argue with the tape when watching his game-breaking quickness.

Here is some of that on display:

One of the other main concerns with Wright is his lack of size. At 5'10" tall and only 196 pounds, he is no larger than Andre Roberts and he could perhaps struggle at the line of scrimmage with bigger cornerbacks. His speed can only be effective as soon as he is able to disengage from the often larger defenders.

Here are some of the other negative scouting notes from


Wright hasn't shown the ability to block or be a factor in the run game while at Baylor. If the ball is not coming his way, he can be seen loafing. He's the type of receiver who needs to be involved in the game to be a factor at all. Showing the ability to run NFL routes will boost his stock.

Being able to block as a wide receiver is an often underrated aspect of their game. Fitzgerald is one of the better blocking receivers in the game and it often shows when running backs are trying to take the ball to the edge. Wright will need to learn how to block better in order to succeed at the next level.

Despite his great speed and ball-handling skills, Wright has some work to do. Because of that, I am not sure if the Cardinals could justify using the 13th overall selection on him. I believe that if they are able to find a trade partner to trade down, he could be a very solid pickup.

What are your thoughts on Kendall Wright? Is he the speedy receiver that the Cardinals have been looking for? Tell us what you think and vote in the poll.

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