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Arizona Cardinals Video Of The Day: The Cardinals First Postseason Berth In Arizona

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We have a nice little treat for you guys this week. Today, the Video will be the end of the Cardinals/Chargers game in 1998 that got them into the playoffs for the first time since they moved from St. Louis to Arizona.

Also, fun fact about the 98 Chargers who were going through their first season with Ryan Leaf that year. Both their Quarterbacks combined to throw 10 Touchdowns and 36 Interceptions while completing 46 percent of their passes. Makes you know who sound good huh?

Each week during the offseason, we will post a video that somehow relates to the Cardinals. It could be highlights of a player, highlights from a game, highlights from the season as a whole, it could be a memorable play, it could be a press conference rant which as you all know we have seen plenty of throughout the Cardinals time in Arizona.

Hopefully, most of them will be from YouTube, but with how the NFL gets whiny about footage from games being on there at times some of the stuff I would like to post won't be on there because they deleted it and it won't be as easy to embed the video for simpler viewing.

And now, here is your video.

1998 Arizona Cardinals vs San Diego Chargers- The Last 16 Seconds (via wa52lz)

And as a bonus....

1998 Cardinals vs Chargers Highlights w/ Dillion's call (via wa52lz)