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Meet Undrafted Free Agent Stanley Arukwe

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On Monday, the Cardinals released a full list of the 17 players they had signed as undrafted free agents coming out of college. As is typically the case, it is hard for fans to know who these players are. They are typically not high profile names unless their stock dropped like Vontaze Burfict did. They come from small schools sometimes and they may nt have played football long.

So over the next few days, we will give you some info about these players.

First up is wide receiver Stanley Arukwe.

Arukwe went to Troy and only player one year of football. He was a track star. At 6-0, 184, he and a sprinter who started his collegiate career at Modesto Junior College for two years, Arukwe ran the 100-meters, 200-meters and 400-meters at Troy and earned medals in the 2010 Sun Belt Championships.

Needless to say, he is fast. He ran the 40 as low as 4.28 seconds. That is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie fast.

As a receiver, he played one season and had 12 catches. He is listed as being able to return kicks as well.

Obviously, he looks like a camp body, but the reason he was brought in is because of his speed. Perhaps he can be a guy they can develop for the future. It certainly doesn't hurt to have Larry FItzgerald on the team.