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Kevin Kolb On Andre Roberts: 'I Think He's A Special Player'

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I missed this quote a while back when Kent Somers wrote his feature on Kevin Kolb and how he is working to prove the doubters wrong, but Kolb had some high praise for receiver Andre Roberts. The quote was a reaction to the drafting of receiver Michael Floyd.

Kolb said that with the addition of Floyd, Roberts would get more playing time in the slot. "I think he is going to thrive(in the slot)," said Kolb. "I think he is a special player."

The quote was striking for a couple of reasons to me.

First, when the season started in 2011 and Kolb was feeling his way through the offense, it was almost comical how he never would throw to Roberts. On the other hand, Roberts, dating back to the 2010 season, seemed to always have good chemistry with John Skelton.

Secondly, Kolb loved to throw to Early Doucet. Doucet was Kolb's main third down target and had good success.

Doucet was also used primarily in the slot.

I know it is hard to paint the entire context from an isolated quote. Perhaps Somers asked specifically about Roberts or all of the receivers and the best quote came about Roberts. But I find it interesting that, unless it was said and not quoted, there is no mention of Doucet, who had a very productive season from the slot.

At a glance, Doucet might seem to be a slightly better suit in the slot, as he is an inch taller than Roberts and outweighs him by almost 20 pounds.

Once training camp and the preseason rolls around, it will be interesting to see how they do.

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