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Arizona Cardinals Rookies To Begin Working Out This Weekend

Michael Floyd will begin working out with his fellow rookie draftees this weekend.
Michael Floyd will begin working out with his fellow rookie draftees this weekend.

According to official Cardinals team writer, Darren Urban, the rookies will begin working out with each other at the team facilities this weekend. This includes not only the undrafted players that the team signed, but the guys that they drafted as well.

After the jump, see some of what they will be doing, as well as some other important information that you may want to know.

Starting today, the rookies will begin to take their physicals. Once they are deemed healthy enough to play, they can start practicing tomorrow and throughout the weekend. Urban noted that they have two practices on Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday to top it all off.

As of now, the organization has not signed any of the drafted rookies to their contracts yet. But have no fear, as this will not preclude them from working out this weekend. Urban explains:

This rule applies to the drafted rookies every season. The only reason it may seem odd is because of the extenuating circumstances during the last offseason. The lockout not only kept the rookies from getting signed, but it also prevented them from working with the team altogether.

So expect to see Michael Floyd, Jamell Fleming, Bobby Massie and the likes all out on the field this weekend. Getting them acclimated to the Arizona heat may take some time, so the sooner they start, the better.

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