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Calais Campbell Gets 5-Year Contract From Arizona Cardinals

He's got plenty of reason to be excited, I mean he is staying in the desert for 5 more years.
He's got plenty of reason to be excited, I mean he is staying in the desert for 5 more years.

It's final. After several anxious months of whether or not Campbell would get that long term deal, it finally came to an end.

One of these things is that we have signed Calais Campbell to the long term deal the front office promised us. Doing so clears up some Cap Space, how much that may be is yet to be determined since the team didn't release any of the details of the deal. Coach Whisenhunt as well as GM Rod Graves and of course Campbell, will be held tomorrow. (Time yet to be announced) This is now the 4th Cardinal to get his long term deal, which says something about the mentality of the players, and of the culture that Rod Graves and the rest of the Cardinals Brass has instilled in this team. For those of you who don't know the other 3 players I am referring to they are Darnell Dockett, Adrian Wilson, and Larry Fitzgerald. This shows that the Cardinals Front Office is dedicated to keeping it's top players and that those top players see Arizona as a competitor.

There was still plenty a ways to go with Campbell before next Offseason, but there was a point during this offseason where it appeared that Campbell and the Cardinals were far apart in contract talks and it may have become Karlos Dansby 2.0, but luckily it didn't come to that. If it did, we may not have gotten so lucky by drafting a player to instantly fill Campbells spot like we did with Dansby, (Daryl Washington).

Campbells 2012 salary would have been 10.7 million, but thankfully that number should be drastically brought down with the contract.

So until tomorrow, which is the start of Rookie Minicamps, we have nothing new. I was expecting to put up a post about Larry Fitzgerald a few days ago, but it's been harder than I originally thought. Expect it this weekend though.

Crisco219 got this information: ‏ @JasonLaCanfora Calais Campbell will make $55M in his 5 year deal with the Cards, with$36M due to come over the first 3 years of the contract