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Arizona Cardinals Get A+ For 2012 NFL Draft

This was a site that came to me via email. Don't know much about it, but what caught my eye is the fact that it graded the Arizona Cardinals' draft as an A+.

In fact, the lowest individual grade was an A-. So take the analysis however you want it, but give it a look for the reasoning.

The Cardinals are given an overall A+.

Here are the grades they give for each pick:

Michael Floyd, first round: A

Jamell Fleming, third round: A-

Bobby Massie, fourth round, A+

Senio Kelemete, fifth round: A

Justin Bethel, sixth round: A

Ryan Lindley, sixth round: A+

Nate Potter, seventh round: A+

Personally, I love the pick of Floyd, but mainly because of the offensive line talent taken later. I'm not exactly sure how you give an A to every single pick, but they all have the potential to be great picks.

Personally, my "huh?" picks were Fleming and Lindley, but after a day or two, both made sense.

What do you think of this site's grades?

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