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Bobby Massie Vs. Jeremy Bridges: Who Do You Have In This Fight?

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Darren Urban did a piece on rookie Bobby Massie and on how he could or could not end up as the starting right tackle for the Arizona Cardinals. At the moment, since Brandon Keith is gone and not likely to return, the guy listed as number one the versatile Jeremy Bridges, who can play guard and tackle.

Massie has the potential and, according to Urban, looks the part already physically. He was drafted to eventually be the guy.

Bridges is not going to just give up his potential starting job. He used to be a starter before coming to Arizona. His versatility actually works against him in many ways. You want guys who can play multiple positions on the bench.

Bridges is what he is. He is an average lineman who has good games and bad. He does add something the line. He plays with a little bit of an edge -- which can be a detriment sometimes. But while Levi Brown on one side is the quiet type, Bridges gets fired up.

Massie is the unknown commodity, but was projected to be drafted much higher. There were questions about his mental toughness.

Most of us on the site seem to hope that Massie becomes the starter because of the fact we know what Bridges has to offer.

What do you think will happen this season? Will Bridges hold him down? Will Massie start from day one? Will he slide into the starting spot sometime during the year?

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