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NFL Most Pivotal Players In 2012 Missing An Arizona Cardinal

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You might recognize a name on ESPN these days -- Bill Polian, who was not too long ago let go by the Indianapolis Colts as they cleaned house and got rid of pretty much everyone associated with Peyton Manning. Now is he is an NFL analyst for the network and wrote a piece on what players would be the most pivotal to their teams success in 2012.

The list includes some names like Mark Sanchez, Matt Schaub and Julio Jones. Those are all solid players who need to be difference makers for their teams. However, there is a player they should have added to the list for the Arizona Cardinals.

That would be quarterback Kevin Kolb.

The Cardinals hope to have a defense that builds upon its success from the second half of the season. But that isn't a given, considering there are new players that will have to learn the defensive schemes. They will have had a full offseason, so that is good, but even if the defense is as good as it was, they need better offensive production.

This is where Kolb comes in.

The league is a quarterbacks league. They are the difference makers. We know Larry Fitzgerald will get his numbers. Just look at 2010 with his production while the three stooges Derek, Max and John threw the ball.

In the end, Kolb's ability to prove he can be healthy and the team's unquestioned starter is going to make or break the season likely. If he is the Kevin Kolb of the second half of the Dallas game, then Arizona fans should feel good about the team's chances for the postseason. If he is the skittery QB that he was at the start of the season, fans are likely looking at mediocrity as a team.

I'm not sure where I would rank Kolb in that list of most pivotal, but he most certainly should be on that list.

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