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Where Should Arizona Cardinals Focus Their Attention Now After Draft And Campbell Deal?

The Arizona Cardinals have more or less completed their offseason goals. They have gotten a new contract for defensive end Calais Campbell, completed their draft goals, added depth to the defense, added experience and youth to the offensive line and added playmakers to the team.

Now what should they do?

The talk has been of re-signing both linebacker Clark Haggans and defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday. And of course there are still quite a few unsigned players out there.

The rookies need to be signed, but that does not seem to be an issue now with the new CBA.

If you were the Arizona Cardinals, would there be any other players out there still that they should target? Should they focus on the veterans Haggans and Holliday? Should they stand pat and just grab some camp bodies closer to training camp?

Make the argument!

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