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Fantasy Football: Where Do Larry Fitzgerald, Other Cardinals WRs Rate?

Fantasy football apparently never rests, even in the offseason. Just a week ago, we discovered that Kevin Kolb does not command much in the way of a high pick in your fantasy draft, but because of his low ranking, he has the potential to be this year's fantasy steal.

Our fantasy blog, Fake Teams, ranked the top 25 fantasy wide receivers. As you could expect, the Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald was near the top.

Fitz wasn't number one. He was fourth behind Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Hakeem Nicks.

here is what was written about Fitz:

The addition of Michael Floyd should be more of a complement than a hindrance to Fitz. The Cards have stacked the deck to be effective and their O-line isn't exactly built for the run. Fitz is as safe as they come by not missing any games in the past four years.

Who didn't make the list was Michael Floyd, and probably understandably so. He has yet to play a down in the NFL.

You always know that in Fitz you get good fantasy value.

The question is whether you think he should be ranked higher that any of the other three guys. Based on the uncertainty at the QB position in terms of performance, I say it fair.

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