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Ryan Lindley No Lock For Arizona Cardinals Final Roster

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After the NFL Draft was done, one of the picks that got the most attention for the Arizona Cardinals was quarterback Ryan Lindley. Peter King went as far to say that Lindley would be starting for Arizona by halfway through the season, which, as we know, would be the recipe for a disastrous season.

However, while there is a little bit of buzz about Lindley and how he could develop into a quality starter in the league, it is not even guaranteed that he can make the final cut for the Arizona Cardinals.

Why is this? Because he might not even beat out last year's third stringer, Rich Bartel.

In a recent edition of Pro Football Weekly's "NFC Whispers", we find this:

We hear it's far from a given that Cardinals sixth-round rookie QB Ryan Lindley will beat out holdover Richard Bartel for the No. 3 QB job behind Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. "They really like Lindley's physical and mental attributes, but the coaches love what Bartel brings to the table in the meeting room," said one team insider. "(Bartel) is a future coach, for sure."

This could be something interesting to see. With your QB backups, you tyipcally want a more experienced guy who can be good in meetings and practice. You also always want to be developing someone.

Assuming that Kevin Kolb ends up as the starter, John Skelton would back him up. He is not that veteran and is still developing. You would kind of like a guy like Bartel behind him. Lindley would not have the same effect, but he would be yet another developing QB.

Bartel is very much Ken Whisenhunt's guy. I'm sure it will not be an easy decision to cut ties with Bartel, which is what is likely to happen.

Any thoughts?

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