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Adrian Wilson Among Best In Individual Safety Performances in 2011

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After a disappointing season in 2010, safety Adrian Wilson was ready to do more n 2011. He did. He was spectacular, and did so with a torn biceps. That is just something normal human beings can do.

He was one of the league's highest rated safeties in the whole league, according to Pro Football Focus.

However, in addition to his overall season performance, he also earns individual accolades from PFF for one of the top 10 weekly performances at his position.

His Week 14 play against the San Francisco 49ers tied him for the ninth best game rating. He had a +4.0 rating. It is described like this:

This was a fine season for Wilson who bounced back from a disappointing 2010 campaign. Keep in mind he also played the entire 2011 season with a torn bicep. His Week 14 display stood out as his best performance and gets him a spot on this list, displaying all the talents we've come to expect from the Cardinals' safety. Even after picking up a penalty for a facemask infraction, Wilson earned his spot on this list by breaking up two passes, making two tackles for losses (one on third down), and generating a couple of pressures. A great day.

In addition to the overall play against the Niners, he also was tied for seventh for his pass coverage rating the same week (+3.4).

Wilson put together one heck of a season, although it statistically was not like 2010.

The question is now whether he can duplicate his 2011 impact or if he regresses to look more like 2010.

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