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Larry Fitzgerald Is Not Just A Football Superstar, He's A Fashion Guru Too

Getty Images for Madden Bowl XVI

For a lunchtime treat, I thought I would share a video that landed in my inbox yesterday afternoon. We have all seen Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald at his press conferences after the games. We also get glimpses of him at special events where he appears to be wearing suits that may actually cost an arm and a leg.

The NOC is a sports network that runs through YouTube and gets exclusive content with athletes that can be very difficult to come by. This time, they were able to enter Fitz's home to get some footage of him getting ready for another outing. Oh, a day in the life of a superstar...

Check out the embedded video below:

To be honest, I wish I could afford that kind of garb, let alone the person that helps me choose it all out.

Fitz is the definition of a Renaissance Man. He is the king on and off the field. That's truly all there is to say.

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