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NFL Players Will Be Required To Wear Knee And Thigh Pads In 2013

Will wearing knee and thigh pads make injuries like the one Ryan Williams sustained more preventable?
Will wearing knee and thigh pads make injuries like the one Ryan Williams sustained more preventable?

With all of the lawsuits pouring in against the NFL from former players, it would only make sense for the owners to enact every possible safety rule they can to help protect themselves. That is why on Tuesday, the NFL owners voted to pass a new rule that will require all players to wear knee and thigh pads at the start of the 2013 season.

The move makes sense from a public relations standpoint, but is it really necessary? Should the players be forced to wear these pads on their legs?

There is already a battle ensuing on whether or not the owners can simply institute this kind of rule change. The owners contend that they are able to do so, "unilaterally" and that such measures are not covered in the collective bargaining agreement. The players, on the other hand, believe that this change constitutes a change in working conditions and therefore must be put to a vote. It seems like these two groups just want to fight over everything.

But are the leg pads even necessary? Many players have claimed that they would rather take a blow to the head than a major hit to the knees because once your legs are gone, your career is over. So in that regard, wearing pads to protect ones self from vicious hits below the waist makes sense. However, the pads will undoubtedly make an impact on speed and could slow players down by a split second.

To enforce this rule change, the NFL plans to inspect every player's uniform prior to the start of any game. That way, they can know that guys are not skimping out of the new rules.

What side of the fence do you fall on? Do you think these rules should be mandatory and that they are only for the good of the players? Or do you believe that this is simply a PR move that won't have that much of a positive impact on the game?

Tell us what you think and vote in the poll.

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