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Cardinals Barely Miss the Top 5 Defensive Duos

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We've been seeing the "Top 10 Players Over 30" or the "Top 10 Players Under 25" lately, and today came out with the Top 5 Offensive and Top 5 Defensive Duos in the NFL. Hit the Jump to see which Cardinals missed the cut.

I'm pretty sure you all know who they are by now. Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett. They have been together since Campbell was drafted in 2008, and have been a solid duo, especially in the latter half of last season. They have combined for 40.5 sacks and 367 tackles in only 8 years, Campbell accounting for 21 of those sacks while Dockett has acquired 19.5 of them.

The Duo's ahead of them were

Oakland Raiders Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour (3 years, 31 Total Sacks, 235 Tackles)

Philadelphia Eagles Jason Babin and Trent Cole (2 years, 44 Sacks, 157 Tackles)

Chicago Bears Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs (9 years, 28.5 Sacks, 1859 Tackles)

New York Giants Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul (2 years, 37.5 Sacks, 163 Tackles)

And finally, San Franciscos NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis (2 years, 10 Sacks, 324 Tackles)

By looking at it, Campbell and Dockett should replace Willis and Bowman. on this list. What do you think? Do you think the Cardinals were ripped off? Or was it fair?