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ROTB Roundtable: O-line fight, Rookies, and Coach Whiz's Salary

With minicamps, OTA's, and the exciting part of the off-season rolling in, the Cardinals are now suddenly facing a whole new set of questions.

Hit the jump to see the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of these questions, and don't forget to answer them yourself in the comments below!

1) Massie vs. Bridges: Who wins the starting job?

Cdeveau: A solid question. Massie was projected by many to be a second round talent and fell from what I've heard to motivational/desire issues. Bridges has been in the league for a while, and was unable to beat out Keith for the RT tackle spot. From what I have seen of Bridges play, he was a better caliber lineman that Keith was. (So I have to question favoritism) We all know that Whis likes rookies to earn their playing time as well. Based on all this, I see Bridges getting the nod at RT to start the season, with Massie becoming a starter at some point in the season.

Tyler Nickle: I think we already know the kind of production Bridges is going to provide. He's a solid vet, but not a long term starter. I see Massie winning the job.

Jesse Reynolds: Bridges because as has been said and will be said a dozen times, Whisenhunt doesn't start rookies. If Massie does start, he must be pretty solid.

Alex Mann: I say Massie. He's younger and can do a lot more than Bridges can at his age. Bridges has been serviceable but he has stiff competition this year.

JoeCB1991: Since Whiz has been more willing to let Rookies play early last season, I'll go with Massie.

Jess Root: I would have to think that eventually Massie takes it, but Bridges will probably come out the gate with the starting job. I do worry a bit about Massie's mental makeup, now that it has been questioned a little. Most things I have read expect him to have a chip on his shoulder, but that is a big assumption without knowing the player.

2) Which rookie will have the biggest impact on the team this season?

Cdeveau: Michael Floyd. Due to the receiver corps not having a solid option other than Mr. Fitz, this creates a big opportunity for Floyd to come in and see quick playing time. Combine that with the double coverage that Larry draws, and Floyd should find himself the target of plenty of looks with single coverage. If he can make the most of those opportunities, he will have a breakout rookie season.

Tyler Nickle: I think it will be Massie since he will be the team's starting right tackle. If he can prevent sacks from happening, then his impact will show with an improved passing game.

Jesse Reynolds: I'm going to go with the obvious answer, Floyd. His impact won't be gaudy numbers, it will be the small things like being a great run blocking WR, etc. I also think Flemming will have an impact on the team and make us deep at the CB position.

Alex Mann: I'll go with a surprise here... I have Jamell Flemming. Floyd will benefit from having Fitzgerald on the other side, but Flemming should be one of our top 3 CB's. He has the talent, size and mentality to be one of the better DB's in the NFL.

JoeCB1991: I'll go with Floyd since he is the first round pick, and he will probably get a lot of playing time. If he is as good as he is supposed to be, he will make things a lot easier for the offense as a whole.

Jess Root: Biggest impact? If Massie ends up starting, he will make the biggest impact. If not, then it has to be Michael Floyd. He plays a position that is easy to have an impact on.

3) Reports have shown that Ken Whisenhunt is one of the Top 10 paid Coaches in the USA. Do you think he deserves this?

Cdeveau: Under Whis they have a SB appearance. This was while Kurt Warner was at the QB spot. The team has also made the playoffs, and been competitive in every season. A culture change has also occurred during this time frame as well. Does he deserve to be a highly paid coach? Yes. Why? Because the organization and fan base have bought into his vision, and that vision, while a bit slow to complete, is pointed in the right direction.

Tyler Nickle: It's tough to say. I really like Whiz as a coach, but to say he is one of the 10 best coaches of ANY sport might be pushing it. I'm glad he is here and I know football coaches are paid more, so the data is a bit skewed. I guess I'm okay with it.

Jesse Reynolds: I said this in the original post that while I am a big Whisenhunt fan I do not think he deserves to be paid like a Superbowl winning coach without actually winning a Superbowl.

Alex Mann: He does. He took a historically bad team and made them relevant. He's changed the mentality this team had in themselves. He's made solid draft picks which the majority of them have contributed to the team, and he's taken us to a .500 or better record in all but one season sice his time here.

JoeCB1991: He took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. Enough said, the man has earned the high paycheck he has.

Jess Root: Can you put a price on changing a culture? NFL coaches are by nature among the highest paid, being paid more than other sports to begin with. Whiz is tenured and well respected in the game. Yes -- he deserves every penny, especially after his 2011 coaching job.