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A (very) Early Look at the Cardinals Possible 53 Man Roster

May 11, 2012; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt during rookie mini camp at the Cardinals practice facility.  Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
May 11, 2012; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt during rookie mini camp at the Cardinals practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

I know it's very early to be guessing the Cardinals possible roster but with a quite day and possible a few more quite weeks it's worth a shot to take a possible look at who will be on the Cardinals 53 Man Roster.



John Skelton

Kevin Kolb

Ryan Lindley


Kolb will play improved during Training Camp and into preseason, but Skelton with his 7-2 Record last season, and improved fundamentals will win the Starting Position, with Kolb as a solid Back-Up and possible Trade Bait. Lindley will beat Bartel out for the third roster spot.


Beanie Wells

Ryan Williams

LaRod Stephens-Howling

Alfonso Smith


With Beanie Wells injury prone, and the uncertainty surrounding Ryan Williams, Ken Whisenhunt will have to keep Alfonso Smith to back up Stephens-Howling is necessary. LaRod is a good runningback but cannot take on the duty himself.


Anthony Sherman


The Cardinals found a great Fullback (this is all opinion based) in Sherman. He can pass block and run block well, and can also catch the ball out of the backfield. They didn't bring in any tough competition so they show they are committed to Sherman.

Wide Receiver:

Larry Fitzgerald

Early Doucet

Michael Floyd

Andre Roberts

Demarco Sampson

Stephen Williams


This may come as a surprise to quite a bit of people. I don't see Floyd winning the spot opposite to Fitzgerald right out of Preseason or Training Camp. Instead they'll slowly place him in that role, but until then Doucet will man that spot. Roberts will be the 4th man, Sampson will be the 5th man because of his Special Teams ability, and Stephen Williams will man that 6th spot for this season.

Tight End:

Rob Housler

Jeff King

Steve Skelton


Todd Heap couldn't stay on the field last season, and many of us believe he was there to groom Housler. This is Housler's year so Heap should be out. I see King and Skelton backing up Housler.

Left Tackle:

Levi Brown

Nate Potter


Levi will pick up right where he left off last season and prove the NFL that he is not a bust. Potter will back him up for 5 years and will become our starting Left Tackle once Levis contract ends.

Left Guard:

Daryn Colledge


Colledge was a solid fill at Left Guard and I see him maintaining that spot. Won't be facing any tough competition or heat at that Left Guard position.


Lyle Sendlein

Scott Wedige


Sendlein is a trooper. Since signing with the Cardinals as an UDFA, he's been our starter and a solid one at that.

Right Guard:

Adam Snyder

Senio Kelemete


Possibly our biggest FA acquisition will start right off the bat. Niner fans don't like him much but he played all 18 games last seasons, so Harbaugh saw something there. He should help solidify the gaping hole we had at the Right Side.

Right Tackle:

Jeremy Bridges

Bobby Massie


Massie won't start till game 4 or 5. Whisenhunt doesn't like to start rookie and unless Massie shows himself as being a Jake Long blocker he won't start. Bridges knows the system so he'll mentor and groom Massie till 'Whiz' thinks he's ready.


Right End:

Darnell Dockett

Ronald Talley


This should come as little to no surprise. Dockett is still a dominant player and commands the respect of the oppositions Offensive Coordinator.

Defensive Tackle

Dan Williams

David Carter

Ricky Lumpkin


Dan Williams showed promise at the end of last season, up till he broke his arm against the 49ers. Carter has potential but until Williams proves he is not capable of being our NT, he's still the backup.

Left End:

Calais Campbell

Landon Cohen


I originally had Vonnie Holliday resigning with the Cardinals but replaced him with Cohen. Neither will be seeing much playing time unless Campbell falters after getting such a large chunk o' change or gets injured.


Patrick Peterson

William Gay

Jamell Fleming

Greg Toler

A.J. Jefferson

Michael Adams


Until Toler shows even a shred of his original talent I have both Fleming and Gay ahead of him on the Depth Chart. Horton likes solid tacklers, and both Gay and Fleming can do that. I see Toler taking back the starting spot opposite Peterson, but no immediately.

Left Outside Linebacker:

Sam Acho

Quentin Groves


No surprise. I see Acho making a run at the Franchise Single Season Sack Record (16.5) this season. Groves should back him up, unless Cardinals put UDFA Rookie Paul Vassallo there.

Inside Linebacker:

Daryl Washington

Stewart Bradley

Reggie Walker


Yup I got rid of Lenon. Stewart Bradley comes out hard and takes the spot next to Washington away from Lenon. Seeing as there are more pressing needs there is no point in keeping Lenon there, but he should be a Free Agent if the Cardinals need him.

Right Outside Linebacker:

O’Brien Schofield

Brandon Williams


The Cardinals didn't draft a single person for their Front 7. They showed they have faith that Schofield and Acho can get the job done on the outside. Expect Schofield to start with our late season pick up of Brandon Williams backing him up.

Free Safety:

Kerry Rhodes

Justin Bethel

Rashad Johnson


Kerry Rhodes has the FS position locked up. Justin Bethel will be groomed by Rhodes, and will get a chance to start when Rhodes leaves. Johnson will be the number 3 man only because he's backing up Wilson already.

Strong Safety:

Adrian Wilson

Rashad Johnson


Wilson never ceases to amaze. Playing through two seasons with an injury and never complaining or talking about it, and still playing at a consistently high level shows the class and determination Wilson has. This is why he will be in the HOF some day.

Special Teams:


Jay Feely


No surprise. He's a consistent kicker and got comfortable with his new place holder after he missed 2 big kicks for us against the Redskins and Giants. He should make a rebound this season.


Ricky Schmitt

Explanation: I still don't know why people were calling for Zastudils head, after he had a solid season. But I don't have him returning to the team. Instead I have Ricky Schmitt. He's been with the Cardinals before but as a camp body. He's only played in one Regular Season game, and that was with the 49ers. He had a 43.7 yard per punt average while in San Francsico. During his 09 Preseason stint with the Raiders he punted 18 times, 5 inside the 20 Yard Line with an average of 40.5 yards per punt.

Long Snapper:

Mike Leach

Explanation: Does this really need any explanation? He's been a valuable contributor to our team, and I believe that the Long Snapper is one of THE MOST underrated positions on the team. Sure you don't need one to be a good or great football team, but it's a good position to have. Look at the Panthers for example, their Special Teams was worst in the league and this was a season (not entirely sure correct me if I am wrong) in which they cut their long time Long Snapper. Leach has played in all 48 of his games in Arizona, and 171 games throughout his career. He has 18 tackles while in Arizona. He can even play Tight End too, although he doesn't have much upside there.

So what are your thoughts... You know where the comment box is, let me know what you think.