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Arizona Cardinals TV Special To Air After Indy 500

I know we can't get enough football. This part of the year is also some of the toughest times for football fans. However, a football fix can be had on Sunday (today) just after noon.

The Arizona Cardinals have a one-hour special set to air right after the Indianapolis 500 concludes (12:30 AZ time or some time after that). It will be on ABC 15.

There will be films study with Ken Whisenhunt, some stuff on QBs and footwork with the new QB coach. Ryan Williams, O'Brien Schofield and Calais Campbell will be featured.

Naturally, this is going to be something that will spin things positively for the team, but why not? It is the offseason, and as fans, what we really want is to do is get excited for our favorite team.

So tune in if you can or make sure you record it. It is sure to be a good.

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