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Should He Stay Or Should He Go: Todd Heap

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Yesterday, we look at Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Stephen Williams and asked whether or not you think he should be apart of the 53 man roster in 2012. The voting was split right down the middle. 50% of you said he deserves another shot and believe that the potential is still there. The other 50% think his time in a Cards jersey is coming to a close.

Today, we will look at a player that had many people excited when the team signed him as a free agent once the lockout ended. Local Arizonan Todd Heap was cut by the Ravens after spending the past decade in Baltimore and he decided that coming back to the place where he grew up would be the best fit. Unfortunately, things did not go as smoothly as they could have in his debut season as a Cardinal.

Todd Heap was expected to not only help create mismatches at the tight end position, but also become a dominant red zone target for newly acquired quarterback, Kevin Kolb. He has always been known as a tight end that can both run good routes to catch the ball while also being able to help block at the line of scrimmage.

The bad part is that Heap only managed to appear in ten games for the Cardinals last season, starting in just four of them. He had just one touchdown catch of his 24 total receptions, which was not the type of production most were hoping for.

According to, Heap is due to make $2.15 million dollars this season, the final year of his contract. But if you listen to the Arizona Birdgang Podcast, you may have heard me mention that I am not so sure Heap will even get a chance to see that money.

Do I think he will be on the team in 2012? Yes. I absolutely believe he still has more to offer and can help mentor the likes of Robert Housler and to an extent, Michael Floyd. With Jeff King likely out until training camp, the Cardinals still need all the depth they can get at the tight end position. For that, I think Heap will be retained through the final year of his contract, but I wouldn't be surprised if I am wrong.

What do you think? Should Todd Heap stay or go? Tell us in the comments section and vote in the poll.

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